Saturday, April 24, 2010

Installing VMware, Linux and Oracle 10g

After spending long enough time on windows for Oracle, I have finally decided to use Oracle Database 10g on Linux for the first time. This requirement actually led to the many problems like dual booting my newly bought Windows 7 i3 machine with Linux O/S. I obvisouly did not want to mess up with my comp as a new bie to linux. So, I started looking for other alternatives. While I was discussing it with one of my friends, he gave me the suggestion for using Vmware server and Whooaaaa....I started working on it because Vmware server allows me to create virtual machines and on that virtual machine i can install Linux without messing up my machine.

You can install vmware server from intenet and can create a virtual machine almost instantly and is fairly easy as well. The only problem I encountered was I had to 'Disable driver signature authentication' to install and login successfully into vmware server. Press F8 while your machine is booting. You will see a screen with many option. Select 'Disable driver singature authentication' and then start installing vmware server. Yes I remember one more thing, I had to disable my machine's firewall to install it.You can easliy create a new virtual machine after installing it.

Next thing was to install linux on the virtual machine. You need to download .iso linux set up file to install Linux O/s on a virtual machine.Click on VM->Removeable device->Edit to choose either .iso from your hardrive or CD. I installed Oracle enterprise linux from Linux Installtion went smooth.

Stay tuned for steps for installing vmare server tools on Linux.
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