Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Granting Database Control Administrative Privileges

Learn Oracle - Granting Database Control Administrative Privileges

When Oracle DBA log in to the Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control using the SYS or SYSTEM user account, Oracle DBA are logging in as the Oracle Enterprise Manager super user. These are the only accounts that are automatically granted the roles and privileges required to access all the management functionality provided the Database Control.

To grant management access to other database users, use the following procedure:

1. Start your Web browser and log in to the Database Control as the SYS or SYSTEM database user.

2. Click Setup at the top of the Database Home page.

3. Click Administrators in the left navigation bar. If Oracle DBA need to create a new administrator, Oracle DBA must first create the user and then assign administrative privileges as described in this section.

4. Click Create to create a new Enterprise Manager user by assigning the management privileges to an existing database user.

5. Click the flashlight icon next to the Name field and select an existing database user from the pop-up window.

6. Enter the password for the selected user and click Finish. Enterprise Manager assigns the management privileges to the selected user. The selected database user is now included in the list of management users on the Setup Administrators page. All the users shown on this page can log in to the Database Control and perform database management tasks.